Mapa Group Construction Worker

Who we are

Founded in 1976, Mapa Group is a vibrant organisation with 20,000 staff members working across all our key sectors, governed by an experienced management team that is committed to delivering every project on time and on budget.

About Mapa Group

Mapa Group is a leading multinational headquartered in Turkey. With four decades of success in five sectors, Mapa Group works to create infrastructure and businesses across construction, hospitality, renewable energy, airports and air freight across EMEA.

We have completed over two hundred projects worth over $18bn, ranging from Algeria to Uzbekistan, Ghana to the GCC countries, including Turkey where Mapa Group was founded. Our talented and hard-working staff now stand at 20,000 employees worldwide, which has helped excel our annual revenues exceed $1.1bn.

In 1976, Turkish construction entrepreneur Mehmet Nazif Günal founded Mapa Group. Within the first decade of launch, Mapa Group had already built its first power plant, the second largest dam in Turkey, and Ankara’s first Hilton hotel. In the years since, the company has expanded its reach across EMEA, most notably in the GCC region, and further diversified successfully into profitable key industries such as hospitality, renewable energy, airports and air freight. Today, 80% of our business revenues come from projects consolidated across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The construction projects we are contracted for are predominantly employed by governments, and some are financed by trusted international financial institutions, including the African Development Bank and the EBRD.

Our ethos has always been the same: deliver on time and on budget. Our reliability and professionalism have won us long-standing clients who trust us, even for their most challenging projects.


Mehmet Nazif Günal

Founder & Chairman

Murathan Doruk Günal


Ayşegül Özkaplan


Zeliha Yüzbaşıoğlu


Ayhan Yılmaz

Chief Legal Counsel

Emre Mazanoğlu

Head of Investor Relations & Financial Control

Health & Safety

We operate according to the best international standards and ensure the continuous development of our health and safety systems. While we strive to build on time and on budget, protecting the health and safety of our 20,000 strong workers and contractors are fundamental to our success. 

We believe that teamwork is at the heart of these systems. Our sub-contractors are inspected regularly to ensure they are delivering to a high standard and deploy the best work practices. In addition, all of our employees are trained in the safety and welfare of others in the workplace.


As an active investor and operator in the renewable energy sector, we believe that prosperity can be achieved with sustainability. Mapa Group puts environmental protection at the heart of its processes in all of its operations in construction and development.

On our construction sites, we take systematic precautions to minimise any potential hazardous effects on the environment. In our other activities, we also strive to optimise our processes to reduce the environmental impact.