What we do

Mapa and its subsidiaries have nearly half a century of experience in construction, aviation, hospitality, renewable energy and air freight. Read more about each of our five key sectors here.


Mapa and its subsidiaries have nearly half a century in construction experience across the public and private sectors in three continents, combining a meticulous engineering approach, professional planning and a strong focus on adding value and building for the future.

Mapa has been trusted by governments and private companies to build projects ranging from real estate developments to skyscrapers to industrial plants, dams, hydroelectric power plants, pipelines, steel tanks and reservoirs, pump stations, irrigation systems, tunnels, airports, highways and roads, concrete silos, waste and drinking water treatment facilities, trade and shopping centres, hotels, holiday resorts, and ground stabilization and pile foundation works.

Our technical expertise covers geotechnical and piling works, mechanical & electrical, plumbing installations & assembly, and architecture & design services.


Our widely recognised expertise in airport construction has led to major aviation projects in Azerbaijan, Turkey and Ghana.

In Turkey we co-led the development of the biggest airport construction project in the world, Istanbul New Airport, as part of a Build Operate Transfer scheme. The first phase of the project, which is already completed, is with a contract value of €7 billion. The total project encompasses 6 independent landing fields, 16 taxiways, 280 airbridges, a 500-plane parking capacity, 3 terminals, an apron totalling 4.5 million sq m, hangars for cargo, general aviation and maintenance, a 1.4 million sq m terminal, and three runways.

In Azerbaijan, we constructed the passenger terminal, air traffic control tower, and energy centre at Heydar Aliyev Airport, with a contract value of $125m. The terminal covers a total area of 65,000 m2 and has an annual capacity of 5,000,000 passengers. The construction of the terminal was completed in 18 months. It has received numerous design awards from internationally recognized institutions.

In Ghana, we constructed the international terminal building at Kotoka International Airport, including a fully automated luggage transport system designed to the latest European Civil Aircraft Conference Airplane scanning standards. The new terminal has a capacity of 5 million passengers per annum. The contract value was worth over $250m and was financed by the African Development Bank.


Since 1990, Mapa has completed hotel projects across Turkey including the Ankara Hilton, Izmir Hilton, Magic Lide der Club Kemer, and Magic Life der Club World Kiris. In 1999, Mapa built two “theme hotels” and started to operate them under the “World of Wonders” brand. The World of Wonders brand, which also includes a hotel in Dubai, offers breath-taking accommodation for business and leisure travellers, with a total capacity of 5000 beds.

Founded in 1999, our subsidiary MNG Tourism offers an all-around service experience by combining its boutique approach to service with its working ethos that focuses on quality, speed and reliability, with an expert team that has a deep understanding of industry dynamics and customer expectations. It is continually expanding its network of services through its own call center, as well as its Istanbul-based authorized sales agencies and sales offices, each equipped with the latest technology.

MNG Ticket offers 24/7 ticketing services while MNG Mice provides services in a broad spectrum of areas including events, motivational meetings and dealer incentive meetings.

See www.mngturizm.com for more information.

Renewable energy

Mapa supports the belief that economic growth, social welfare and sustainable development are achieved through renewable energy investments. The Group has been using its engineering ethos to actualize exemplary projects in renewable energy production and its trade since 2004.

Mapa continues to invest in run-of-the-river hydroelectric power plants. Seven out of the ten hydroelectric power plants have been completed, with the remaining three nearing completion in the near future. The total installed power capacity of 164MW and a yearly electrical production of 950 Gwh.

Air freight

MNG Airlines, founded in 1996, began its scheduled cargo services to Hahn (Germany) and Stansted (England) with a mid-range Airbus A300. Today, it operates with a fleet of six Airbus A300-600 planes and one Airbus A330-243F aircraft and is the largest cargo airline in Turkey.

MNG Airlines has gained a leading and respected position in the industry with its philosophy of “tailor-made service”, which focuses heavily on quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Dominating the market share in air cargo transport, MNG Airlines continues to expand its business by offering its customers chartered cargo services with alternative plane and capacity options in addition to its scheduled flights.

MNG Airlines has a fully equipped Exports Warehouse located 12 km from Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Fully compliant with EU standards, the warehouse is built on a 10,000 m² area, occupies a volume of 60,000 m³ and supports a 7,000 Euro-palette capacity. The MNG Warehouse operates under Istanbul Airport Customs and was commissioned in 2000 to enhance and bring the company’s service capacities to the next level.

ADD two important elements:

  • leading clients are Air France, UPS (or DHL – please check), etc. (please check)
  • accreditated as a subcontractor by US Department of Defense

See www.mngairlines.com for more information.