Who we are

Founded in 1976, Mapa Group is a vibrant organisation with 20,000 staff members working across all our key sectors, governed by an experienced management team that is committed to delivering every project on time and on budget.

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What we do

For nearly half a century, Mapa Group and its subsidiaries have transformed and shaped landscapes. Through honed expertise, in-depth knowledge and meticulous project management, we have created sustainable infrastructure across our five key sectors for governments and private companies.

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Mapa Group industrial silos
Mapa Group construction worker

Aralık Hydroelectric Power Plant

Trabzon Kanuni Boulevard Road

Jumeirah Village Villas

Al Ihsaa Water Improvement Project

Hamzadere Dam

Al Ra’idah Housing Complex Project

Grand Tokat Hotel

İzmir Silo

Shuqaiq Potable Water Pipeline, Phase II

“Akçaabat – Söğütlü – Yıldızlı Provincial Road and Black Sea Motorway Connection Interchange” and Connecting Roads

Our projects

See a map of our past and ongoing projects

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Investor relations

We combine our expertise with a strong investment capability. At Mapa Group, we design, construct and maintain complex infrastructure such as transportation, power and utility systems, including commercial and residential developments.

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Construction job
MNG Airlines
Aeroplane in the sky
Trabzon Motorway in Trabzon, Turkey - construction by MAPA Group
covid-19 and construction


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